Matsutake Mushroom Festival (15-16 August, 2019)

Matsutake Mushroom Festival (15-16 August, 2019)
Genekha village in Thimphu hosts an annual two day mushroom festival in August. During the festival the villagers promote the popular Tricholoma Matsutake. This coveted mushroom is known for its aromatic and succulent flavor. Locally known as “Sangay Shamu”, the wild produce can only be harvested seasonally from the forest and cannot be cultivated thus making it a prized produce.
During the festival, the native mushroom and other local products, mushroom hunting, and cultural programmes by the school and local community will be showcased. The objective of the festival is to create awareness on the sustainable harvesting of the local mushroom and enjoy the organic natural flavors of nature.
Beginning from July to August and September, it’s the Matsutake Mushroom season in Bhutan. The Bhutanese individuals for the most part eat these mushrooms by cooking with crisp and cheese.
These mushrooms develop in groups at the base of pine trees at an elevation of in excess of 9,842 feet. They are gathered once every year amid collecting season, which happens at some point amid July through September.
Interested Tourist may like to contact Bhutanese Tour Operators for details. There is still a good time to plan to experience the once in a lifetime opportunity.
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